Hero of War

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Have you ever had the feeling to feel really bad, then get a longer pause, and when you come back you realize that it was really clean and clear of laziness you felt that bad? 

Well, I must confess to have begin my third semester in high school so I will try to give everything I have, I have my goals in life and those I want to pursue. What is it for a dream to end up in the street in Moscow? 

Last semester deep curves were hard to get up front, perhaps the bit that made me felt so bad? Never mind, I had many serious and deep discussions with teachers and other adults. Adults who believed in me and know I will cope. 
Several wise advice not to throw away my time in high schools to play computer games or just to sleep. 

There were people who complained about my life now on summer vacation, I was not out there and basked as other normal people did, but I was inside, slept and played computer. I managed to turn entirely on days when I woke up at 15:30 every day and went to bed 5:30 each night. 

The week before school began to feel anxiety, what if I could not manage with this semester? what if, what if ... 

Now, one weeks after I started school again, I feel luck to go there. I'm happy because I did not give up when it was at its worst. I'm happy because people thought that I would manage my way through the impossible. I'm happy that I'm alive. 

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