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After a completely crazy weekend am i in place again, in front of the machine that makes your life complete. Maybe a little crazy too? 
Abandoned dearest Sibbhult last Friday afternoon, when it went to Halmstad to look at the trot and celebrate my birthday (which is the tradition these days). Preparty at mum and dads place in the campsite which featured grilled. Not completely wrong. Tested to put 20 people in a relatively small tent? (Hint: Do not do it!) 
This year's gifts were a lot of fine money who will go to my collection to my TV. Today's income was increased by a few thousand crowns. 
Thank you very much everyone who was there. 

Horses has always been a thing which strikes me in the taste, anyways nice groom (mention no names, but Peter Untersteiner is really nice ^ ^). My usual luck, starting with the set a little money, increases and goes with big money to the end until the last tradition is then put everything gained in the last race for the win even more. This was not as planned, went minus approximately SEK 300. Anyway, as I live. 

The trip went on to Lund, where robert was between Halmstad and Lund on 57 minutes. (This is possible at an average speed of 145 km / h.) 
Saturday (my birthday), it became the nest in their couch, to the ice and watched "The Office" all day. Jacob came to visit and we went to Malmö to watch the Oscars band Jazz Attacks, who played at a local festival. Some technical problems, but very good singing oscar! 

Sunday went there at home, with a stop at McDonalds (where Ämma was thirsty and jacob hungry.) Until noon, it was sushi! And just to add, I have learned to eat with that kind of sticks for real now! Congratulations to me, thanks! :) 

So, at the late hours of the evening it will be to abuse The Office, season 1, when it saw 4 & 5 in Lund.

baah, time for me to stop babbling . 
have a great day !
lot of love

A bride with pride !

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Have you ever seen anything so beautiful that you started to cry immediately?
I have done that! 
For 5 days ago it was a wedding outside Lund. I would play and sing 2 songs, so I was both nervous and really happy.

Just as the bells began to call, I felt the tears behind the eyelids burned. The organ started playing and everyone stood up. The doors opened and the bridal pair was entered. The tears rushing down the cheeks, the same shit about makeup ran. It was Emma and Roberts day, a day they never would forget. When they gave each other their promises, to never stop loving each other, or when the priest said that Robert now may kiss the bride. 
I felt that it was one of the finest moments in my life. 

To talk about the rest of the celebration, I can tell that the songs I played was absolutely wonderful!
After the wedding, it was dinner at a restaurant, which was served 3 courses, 2 desserts. There were speeches, several of them were very moving, which got both me and some others to again start crying. 
A speech that touched me most was Berra's, the bride's father. His words cut straight into the heart! 

I just wanted to say that i'm happy that i was invited, weddings are special , and that i look forward to see you live your life with each other, happy ever and ever !

lots of love

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