A raisen ghoul

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People remind me every day about my mistakes. I regret every single minimum. Some even disgust me . Why are you talking about it even when you know that i don't feel good of it? Why must all know my fault? You are probably also wrong from time to time.
Pull your damn it !

Feel that it's time to create a new life with new goals. 
Stop doing things that make you unhappy!
Learn from my mistakes .

Ad astra per aspera

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... which means "To the stars through difficulties", ie "Through struggle to victory" ..

Yeah , everything sux at the moment .. or does it? I've wasted my last month on completely wrong things, which i regret now . a lot ! Spend to much time on unnecessary things and didn't my homeworks . So now i'm eating my own cake .
Ehm , failed in history, but passed everything else :) and now it's finally summer-vacation ! 

Last wednesday , i spent i Lenhovda with my relatives , Carin graduated ! Very big gratz on her ! :) Thursday was my last day in school, there we just played games and ate cookies ^^  kinda fun :> 
Celebrated it at my place with emelie, she made us wedges, chicken fillet and béarnaise ! really great ! :) A few hours later at her place we went outside to play with my camera and her horse ! ( really hell rained !! ) .. so in the indoor riding house we build barriers , both double, cross and with water ! :) Got some really nice pics :)
Friday i spend on a ice-cream fabric ! made 6000 litres of ice-cream and a lot of cartoons ! hehe , but i earned a lot of money ! mawhaha .! :>

So , it's saturday night / sunday morning now .. no really plans for what to do tomorrow more than a meeting at 18 o'clock . So if anyone wanna do something , just call me or something :> If im not answering , then im sleeping most likely ^^

So, i'm cutting the text here . 
Will write soon again , that's a promise ! :)

Lots of love !

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