Pointless !

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Hm, what to say? My weekend has been really good :)
Friday first with just 1 hour in school and then sushi ( but we ate wook :o ) and angel and demons with Elina , her christmas present from me ^^  woho , finally she got it =)    thb, im in love with that movie !! It's a thriller , i know , but i cried through the whole movie ! Crap , me and my tears ^^
Well, saturday was it party x2 , confirmation both of them, first at Nanny's place, then away to Broby to be at Frida's place ! :) Well, it was fun to see oscar again , not seen him since December / January i think :o
And naow to sunday , headache, dizzy, puking .. yeah, that shit . not so good though ^^

and i dont really have time to write, got my ass full of books, but just 4 more days, then everything is over ! :) 4 more days until our grades are there ! and just 11 days more to vacation , omg it is so unbelievable ! :)

so , cya soon :>

Fly of the top

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Hey dear readers !

It's tuesday and the sun is shining, isn't that lovely? Well, Danish International is over and I'm home .. Back to school and reality , no time for running in dreams . Today was an unnecessary day , no french for me and just said hi on the science , well . I met my wife, that's always good ! :) god i've missed her !! 

Don't have so much time for writing today, so i just publish some of my favorite-pics from Danish International .

A first impression

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Hey fokes !

So, the last text was my last one on swedish .. so , yeah . i gonna write on english now. There's actually no good reason, i just felt for that . ^^ So , think i can call it for a kind of restart? But still not .. Hmm , it's complicated >.<

As i've said before, it's much in my life now .. Really much in school, exams here and exams there .. it's killing me ! My children i coach, they're like pain in the ass but i love them too .. Even if i just meet 'em 2 days per week, i really like the time im with them .. I'm their boss ! yeah , i like to have the power ^^

Well, i've just finished my Swedish , we looked at a movie, Molière ( i think it spells like that ) .. Actually it was good, if i could see the tv ( it was an tall and annoying man who sat in front of me ) , if they not did speak french and if she not showed it 8 in the morning ^^ 
And now, my englishteacher just threw me out from the classroom .. Nothing bad, just 2 groups having an oral exam in english . So , there's actually no real classes today . Just my re-test in ecology , but i will make it !!

So, tomorrow i'll go to Esbjerg with my swim-team, it takes like 6 hours with one break to go there .. But it's fun, a big bus, nice peoples and much laugh .. Was that the last year ^^ 
Hahaha, just remembered that i found two people having sex on a toilet last year, it was sooo funny ! but wtf, they forgot to lock the door and i needed to pee :D
haha , press the picsture so see 'em bigger ^^
it's my brother tho who wrote that, not me !

Well, time to cut my writing ! Have to continue with me really serious stuff i do :o
So i guess i see ya around, maybe on monday when i'm back in sweden again !

have a great day !
lots of love ,
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