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It's becomming darker every day, soon there is no more light. But in every dark there is some light. And sooner or later there will only be light days. Construe this as you want yourself. I never nkow when im writing, if im writing about my feelins / privacy, or if it's only something random about the weather or cats. It's changing from everytime im reading it myself.

Difference - 2 hours!

Lots of love ,
- Me -

Ticket to Heaven

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I was thinking before, how can I be so lazy and dont give the important stuffs in my life a chance. I don't know how many times i've been thinking "Hm, i have an exam tomorrow.. But i'll fail anyway, so i dont really care!" or "What if i meet some friends today? Nah, we're probably not going to do something fun!" .. What if i actually cared more about things like that than myself, it would have been really great then!

Since my brother was celebrating his 14th birthday today, my grandma was here ofc! And i dont know how many times she've told me to do something real about my pianoplaying, more than just spend my life in front of my piano at home. Well, sometimes i really want to do that, but still, the thought scares me. What if it's only my grandma who like it, what if noone else do it? That would kill me.

For just a half year ago i was so sure about my life and about my future, everything was really great. But as you all know, we never know what things are supposed to do or happen. Sometimes someone die, or another are getting a baby, maybe someone pass a test or just buy a new dog. We'll never know it until the moment is there (great logic thinking julia!). Anyhow, the last month have been terrible but still one of the best months in my entire life!

Well, i dont think i should bore you anymore with my life, i'm kinda out of words, even if there's a billion i could write down. Every little feeling, or wiew of someone, or maybe just about my dogs eyes when she's hungry. Haha, there's is so much nonsense i would love to share! But just lets cute it here :)

Lots of love ,
- Me -

Imagine a circle

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...like a start with no ending. Round, round, round. Watch out, you might become dizzy! Oh, just imagine my life. Repetive and no ending, hmm, im not immortal though.
Yesterday was a really bad day, even if there was friends to make it brighter, it still was terrible.

Anyhow, i need to stop writing about such emostuffs.. It doesn't make it better just because i'm whining about it.
So, atm am i in school, having a kinda nice conversation about old people who fiddle while they're dancing... That's just soooo yummy! xD

Soo, 50 min until we're done here.. and then is my next big question, what am i supposed to do when i come home? Well, i can always read on that huge chemistryexam i have on wednesday, but i can always take a sleep again and continue my fairytale. Some dreams are nice, and other are just nightmares..

Bleh, i screw this!

Lot's of love ,
- Me -
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