Life in technicolor!

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This is a reason why you should love World of Warcraft!
atleast loving your guildies, they're always making my nights! xD

in pic, Sonofgrull, Arandiel and Knurd (the pro band The Tauren Chieftains)
Photo taken by Nukytza!

and the guildchat ofc !

Hahah, sorry if it's been to much WoW latley, but it's just so crazy! hahah, well...

Lot's of love
- Me -

Life as Knurd

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Let's speak about graffics! Isn't that wonderful, when you have one litte thing that screw your graffics up?
Well, let's take a look at this!

isn't this just so awesome?

and take a look at this!

You cant do anything else than love this game when the graffics are working as they should!
Well, this was just a retarded post.. But it's a part of my life too.

Take care dudes!
Lots of love
- Me -

A better tomorrow

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Heeeeya !
All probably already know that I'm a huge fan of chocolate in all ways! But today when i was at Citygross i found 4 new and different chocolates from Marabou! Well, someone must taste them, but who? Me ofc! ^^ haha
So i bought all 3 of them, and i can say, WTF are the worlds chocolate-companies going? It definitely did taste terribly ass! Limited editions, yeah, because it will F A I L !

Soo, over to next part..
i also did taste their "Sensation"-chocolate, what a mess that too..
You can see what they both contains, and sure, i agree, it sounds delicious, but wtf.. The Toffee & Walnut tasted just like raisins but in liquid. And the second one, Yoghurt & Raspberry, it was like you were eating nails and needles. So crazy disgusting!

This was the first two was Marabou Summer and Winter
Marabou Summer is filled with freeze-dried strawberries. Marabou Winter has a taste of cardamom, cloves, pepper, ginger, cinnamon and vanilla. Gingerbread, then!

Marabou Winter

Marabou Summer

Marabou Sensation

What do you think about it?

Lot's of love,
- Me -
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