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Tomorrow's the first day in school, and i feel pretty much not motivated. I mean, who doesnt wanna have a week more holiday? haha. But well, it will be nice to meet my classmates and other friends, and actually, i've missed a few confused teachers. (I'm not sayin...but Inger & Stjärtan, <3<3)
And yeah, a slacker is what i am! I got my new schedule today, and i mean, it's pretty much nothing. Sadly i need to add a few classes, like Spanish and a few computer classes. But i mean, it wont be a problem? :)

lots of love ,


Let it snow

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Days are passing by too fast. 10 weeks summervacation is over, soon. Only 6 days left. But it's alright, it's soon christmas. (Only 132 days left!)

Being dead on my bed is a new hobby. I really appreciate it. I mean, it feels AWESOME to be lazy (more lazy than i use to be!) But my back and parents dont appreciate it as much as i do.

And well, im just waisting alot of time here. I've got my coolish uncle here, and we gonna rock tha house with our nasty improvicing skills  on piano/guitar/singing. Ohyeah XD (btw, i love being sarcastic :) )

gimme  snow  n o w ,

lots of love ,
- Me -
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