Curling with bacon...

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...or something like that.
Once again im here, enjoying this really nice vacation in front of a computer, hilarious! Anyhow, i shouldnt complain at all actually.. The two first days were the weather only crap, everyone was complaining because there was no sun, and when the sun actually showed his face on the sky, everyone was complaining that the temperature was 30 degrees or more. "Too hot!" Omg! :D
Every day (read almost) is enjoying with a drink to breakfast, lunch and dinner (and ofc alot of them between every meal, ask jacob!), haha. And after an intense day at a market, my feet are all blown up and my back is totally burned (that's the bacon from the toppic, haha!). There's actually a really cute mark from my rosette from the bikini too. White and red, yay, we love danmark!
But well, a skiing vacation wouldnt have been bad at all, i rather prefer them than the sun. (even if the drinks are really nice here! but that's most probably because of the cute gay bartender!)
But well, it's another day tomorrow, a day full of new adventures. And on tomorrows schedule there's sushi and jumping parachute with Emma! Awesome! :)
Atm my life feels really great, almost as great that i've frorgot about my mess in school. But well, it's vacation, time to forget about everything. Time to cheer up!
I will post some few pics from the vacation when im back home to the north pool again! :)
Have a nice evening!

Lots of love
- Me -

Piña colada and donuts

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Hola !
Here's updates from spain!
The weather totally sucks! Well, today was pretty okey. But im still white as snow. It was raining yesterday (like 0,4mm xD). But well, the food roxx and so do the hotel ! I dont mind living here for the rest of my life, haha.
Anyhow, i was playing chess today (yep, i actually can play that!!!) on a huge chess table (or whatever it's called) and i was totally rocking Jacob, until i did a really, really stupid move with my queen. 5 mins later and i was out.  But OMG, i was soooo damn close to take him! (that what she said xD) .
And well, i shouldnt complain at all actually... Since we left sweden with almost 1 meter snow and alot of minus degrees. So, i should actually shut up and continue my life with a smile on my lips.
And enjoying piña coladas and donuts isnt that bad actually, actually it roxx ! (well, it's actually alot of stuffs who roxx now :P)
But, one thing that makes me crazy is that there's pepsi twist in every single supermarket here, and i cant find it anywhere in sweden. so i gonna buy pepsi twist instead of alot of alcohol with me home.
But well, i dont have the whole day to spend here, time for bbq, wuhu!

Lots of love,
- Me -

Je suis la reine. Seriously, i am!

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Hola amigos!
It's thursday today and my suitcase is still empty...
In 2 days i'll go away on vacation, vacation in the sun. Specifically, the Canary Islands. I've been there once before. But this time my family will come too, except my dad. The surgeons are killing him, his thumb. It's pretty sick what a tiny lil' fish can do. Today was his five hundred and five thousand time they are cutting in his thumb. (it feels like it is so many times, actually!)
I've never been good at packing my suitcase, since it's a good chance that i forget 90% of what i thought should have with me. I want a book, a good one! Any examples? Because it was a really long time ago since i read something that's not compared with shcool.
The flight takes about 6 hours. I dont like to travel by airplane, it somehow scares me.
I dont have so much more to add, so i guess i will write another post when i come home again , so see ya in 1 week!

Lot's of love ,
- Me -
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