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It's sunday afternoon, my dearest friend Emelie is here and cutting my hair. It's red and short. What more do i need to tell you? Well, actually it's not only red, i've got some highlights too in it, which is even more red, haha. And a fringe too. It's not really done yet, but it guess it will be okey :)

It's monday tomorrow, which feels pretty okey actually, soon it's time for my first vacation this year, Spain! yay! :D
It's pretty chill, and it's only 5 weeks left until the next holiday, eastern! And *poof*, that was that. Where is tha time going? :O

Anyhow, have a nice day until i've got my fingers out from my ass to actually write something interesting.

When september ends...

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Dear God, long time - no see. I guess i'm in my non-blogging period right now. Nothing feels tempting to do, nothing at all. My life is filled with pretty much nonsense right now, but still so much more.
Instead of waiting for a post with a billion words of nonsense i'll spamm with pics. I'm pretty sick of the snow right now, i'm pretty sick of the cold weather over all. I cant use my bike to go to school anymore, it's ice wherever i go and that is totally killing me, haha.

Lots of love
- Me -
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