Scotts or Denmark?

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My friend Elina just noticed that Denmarks song "In a moment like this" already excist! The swedish danceband Scotts published it before Denmark competed in Eurovision Song Contest! (Or, are we really lost now?)
According to me, it's the same song, so why shouldn't Denmark be forced to leave WO or be disqualified? Pretty weird to be honest!

Listen on your own, and make your own desicion!

In a moment like this - Scotts and Erica Sjöstrom (from Drifters)

In a moment like this - Chanée & N'Evergreen (Denmark)

lots of love ,
- Me -


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Evening people!

It's less than 2 weeks left to the summervacation! It feels great! :) It feels like everything is done in school, i still need to do one exam in biology and one in math, but that's like nothing! :)
I've been pretty much free this week. Monday, tuesday and thursday! But sadly(?) i need to work on thursday, but i guess it will be nice :)

I really dont have anything to tell, right naow am i eating a sandwitch with ham and drinking a cup of hot, green tea! It's awesome, except that the bread is a lil bit old and hard as a rock!
Tomorrow in school we'll have a CSI-day, which i think is pretty boring, but still it's better than 2 hours of pain with my swedish teacher and her awesome (i love irony!) histories of the swedish language!
And last time the CSI-day was i actually won two 200-grams chocolate! :)

On friday i'll spend my day with Emelie, it's actually her birthday on thursday, so i need to be nice! ;)
We're going to watch Sex and the City 2 on cinema!  Both of us are pretty obsessed by SATC :P

Anyhow or another,  time to make more tea and start a good movie! :)

ohh, i almost forgot!
Our pear tree has some really awesome smelling flowers!

Lots of love ,
- Me -
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