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Wiiee, if i compare yesterday with today, this day was totally rocking!!
Since my screen, once again gave up, i gave the IT-guys in school my computer to see if they could repair it. But they couldnt. So instead they gave me a shiny new computer (only my hard disc is "old")!!

After i got my computer back, i went to the city with Camilla! First eating at MAX and then Camilla desperatly needed Nutella, so we went to Willys. At Willys we met like 90% of the teachers on my school. Kinda funny.. I bought a halloween-mask. Wanted to use it at the exhibition, but it was too hot. So i didnt xD

At the exhibition there was barely no people at all, so me and Camilla were randomly everywhere. Stole cookies and sandwiches from the Restaurant-programmes, dancing, cheating with a few tests and won bottles, and free movie tickets :D

We also got married. But only for a while. And also, im not sexy at all as blond. So no need to try it ;)
Here's atleast our wedding picture :D

lots of love ,
- Me -

Unlucky me!

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Grr, this isnt really my day!

When i went to the bus today the sky totally opened himself and it felt like i was swiming in an ocean, luckily i wasnt too far away from my house, so i went back, grabbed an umbrella. Of course, the umbrella was broken, so it didnt make so much sense.

Finally arrived at the place where my physiotherapist was, the place was kinda small. But what do you expect from someone like me? Getting lost in the building? Nowai, how could you know !?
physiotherapist told me it wasnt calcaneal spur, my knees were just extreme flexible (i still cant understand how xD), so i was putting 95% of my weight at my heels and 5% at the front part (nothing att the toes and barely nothing at all at the side). So adding silicone stuffs in my shoes and using "good" shoes will heal my feet :)

When i finally arrived back home with the bus it didnt rain anymore, it was still a bit cloudy though... But i was sort of happy because i knew i had shiny new cloths to expect when i came home.
But hey, dont think my adventures are over yet! Around 200 meters away from my house, i somehow lose the control of my legs and makes a really cute faceplant right in a huge plash?

Update: I was eating an apple, but i missed my mouth, so i hit my nose instead and now the crap is bleeing :)

Yay, im soooo happy! :)

lots of love ,
- Me -
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