Salad Master

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Ye, that's me! The master of makin salads.
It might not look awesome, but it tasted like god himself!

Except of salad i also have chicken, ham and a fried bread. And ofc a bit garlic butter on the top.
This taste so much better than any pizza or other crappy and high calorie food.
And the best part of's a salad! :D

lots of love ,
- me -

From Russia with love

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This picture in this post is one of the best pictures i have in my computer. It was taken a warm evening in september last year. Me and my friend Elina decided to take some pictures at the sunset close to a lake. While waiting for the moment of the sunset we had alot of other fun.
The picture is warm, and the colors are great! It always makes me happy to watch.

On another topic, i just had alot of homeworks to do today. English, Politics, Spanish, Science and Criminology. Hurray!
Anyhow or another, gotta go back to my
fascinating life of studies.
Catch ya laters, mon!

lots of love ,
- Me -
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