Rush hour

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Heya there,
The last few days me and my love has been in Stockholm and visiting my uncle Johan and random sightseeing. It's been really nice so far, and the fact is, i feel more comfortable in Stockholm than in my small village Sibbhult. I dont even know if it counts as a village, it's more like a hole in the ground, haha!

Anyhow or another, today we woke up quite late, visited the Muffin Factory and bought the most delicious and cutes cupcakes and american muffins. After that Johan and Adrian went back home and i took a walk for 3-4 hours, just because i had to feel the "big city-life" on my own.
And here we go. Julia alone in Stockholm when it's dark....Yes, imagine :)

Indeed, it didnt went that bad. I just ended up in the wrong metro and wrong streets a few times. But after a while even i started to feel kind comfortable with the system.
And also, i think i'm one of the few people in the world who actually loves the rush hour. It's a cosy time and i feel so "myself" at that time.
Imagine, walking in your own tempo and people are rushing at your sides. It somehow feels like i'm in the centrum, or i'm the only one existing at that moment, eventhough the place is crowded.

The small place Johan is living at is amazing. According to me, it has Stockholms most beautiful view. He's living at Södermalm for those who didn't know! (Even though the color of his house has the same color as poop, it's still a cosy place xD)

Anyhow or another, i'll finish this post of the view of where i'm living right now!

lots of love ,
- Me -
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