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I dont know why i still keep this blog up. It's not funny to blog, and if im honest, it's never been funny either. I suppose i have a blog just for the sake. Because everyone else have a blog.
When im typing, i mostly type something random like "huhuhu, im awesome and today i did this and that and whatsofuckingevah!", who cares really about those blogs?
I'm sick or reading those blogs filled with only gossip. But still, im clicking F5 after F5 and hoping for that god damn update. I mean, i dont fucking give a shit if you bought a new bag, okai, it's nice for you, but what do i benefit from that? May i borrow it? No, didn't think so either.. Why am i so obsessed my Kissie or random pregnant 15 year old girls? I guess that's a question which will remain without any answer.

Yesterday when i was clicking around on different blogs, i found a girl. She had a point with her blog, she's writing about something which makes the reader wanna read more to actually know her whole story. This girl is called Roxanna and she is writing about her way back from the terrible disease Cancer, Leukemia. I dont think i've been so emotional touched by any random blogger before.
I read post after post, and watched her pics. I could feel my tears burn behind my eyelids.
Anyhow, that wasn't my point. My point is, IF you have a few minutes over a day, read this blog! Reading how strong this girl is, is making me happy. It's making me motivated. It's making me realize that there's actually those people who are having a worse time than me.
Think about it!

Also, i have a secret. I dont know if i'm enough mature to actually dare to tell any human this thing. (So far Ella, my dog, is the only one knowing about it.)
I know it will disappoint alot of people. They gonna think im very immature and i'll have to sue myself.
It's always been a plan A and a plan B, but always when im making my plans, the plan B always sounds better and more tempting.
I dont dare to face the truth itslef, yet. I'm a looser, yes, that's what i am. I'm not ready to step out of my pupa. I dont want to become that beautiful butterfly, yet.

lots of love,
- me -
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