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Earlier tonight when I drove home from work I saw the beautiful fullmoon. I realized that I have never tried making pictures of either stars of the moon. So why not give it a try?


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Earlier today when I went to the supermarket I discovered that the Van Heek Plein (one of the bigger squares in Enschede) was covered by an enormous tent (it was probably 300 square meter big, and no, I'm not kidding.). Next to the tent was scene where some stuff was going on, and on the other side was the traditional christmas market.
All this means that there was a lot of people, and with a lot of people comes a lot of bikes too. Seriously, the only thing that's more holy than chocolate sprinkles and peanutbutter for the Dutch is their bikes.
So, you guys are probably asking yourselves now "Yes, and what's the point of all this?" Well, let me enlighten you! Every single time I am going to the damn supermarket I have to cross that square, no exception this time.
It was impossible to be honest. Kids were running around like madmen, grown up people shouting at their kids to not run into the bikes.
Whenever I get kids I'm never ever in my entire life going to bring them to such an event, or whatever that was. I'll make life a thousand times easier for the other people there, like me biking to the supermarket. Yes, I'll probably be the most boring mother in the world and my kids will hate me, but that's okai. Kids are such slimeballs!
Yeah, that's it. Over and out
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