My pretty babies

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One of the worst bits of going back to Holland is no more cozy love from my baby girls. Even though Maggie is the only one counting as baby, Ella is 11 and Pippi is 9 they're all my baby girls.

Apart from that I don't really have anything useful to write. Not right now at least. My camera is loaded with pictures, but can't plug it in since my computer is being silly with usb drivers.


SciFi exhibition in Gothenburg

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Ohai ladies 'n gents,


just wanted to share some pictures I made from the SciFi exhibition in gothenburg last weekend. It was probably the best event I've been to since Gamex (the gaming exhibition in Stockholm) a few years ago. Uhh, I'm such a nerd!

The first picture is John Rhys-Davies. I believe he's most famous of acting as Gimli in Lord of the Rings and Sallah in Indiana Jones.
The second picture is the biggest swedish Star Wars fanclub. And the thrid one is, obviously, Batman and Spiderman. Why? Because they're awesome, of course!

As much dead as you can be!

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Good evening peeps!
Long time no see. A lot has happened since the last time and if I'm honest, I can't really be arsed to write it down. Currently am I on a 'vacation' in Sweden. Visiting my parents and having a nice time. Some time off from school!
Earlier tonight my mom asked me if I wanted to join here on a nice walk with the dogs. When she said "nice walk" I thought she meant some slow walking while talking to each other and stuff, but no. She was walking retardedly fast, so I had to jog to not fall behind too much. My tinywiny and chubby legs had to work real hard!
I think RunKeeper ended on 4.9km, so not too bad afterall.
Ok, my sister is yelling from the bathroom. I guess it's time to help her dye her hair. So until next time you can watch this lovely picture with me and my doggie. We both had a hard time walking with my moms superspeed! (Jokes aside, Maggie is awesome!)
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