Fit for fight!

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One way or another, I had a test today. It wasn't difficult at all, and I expect a high grade (it at least felt really good writing it.)! After I came back home from school entered my zombiemode again in front of the computer. After 20 minutes I felt cold, so I thought some exercising would do good for my blood circulation.
I started with doing 10 pushups and 10 situps five times, then I ran down the 70 steps in the apartment to run another 3,7km, ran all the 70 steps back up and finished this workout with repeating 10 pushups and 10 situps five times.
I honestly couldn't move away from the floor the first 10 minutes. I was so damn exhausted, but well, exhaustion is also the best feeling in the world! But hey, we're going to burn that fat like never before.
And as a bonus I'll share an amazing picture of my face after crawling back up in the computer chair. Red and sweaty, just for you guys! (Yes, I'm aware that I look pretty miserable.)
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