More nails!

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Ok, time for some more nails. I am crazy about nailpolish and I'm getting better everytime, yet far away from as good as I wanna be! Today's nails are CUPCAKES! I freaking love cupcakes. They're sooo pretty. Luckily I'm not as crazy about eating them as I am at looking at them ;)

Golden nails

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Since I quit biting my nails my interst in nailpolish and nailart has become really large. I'm still practicing with fine details. Sometimes it works and sometimes my hands are just shaking way too much to get fine lines - like today!
So, todays nail is golden base coat with simple white lines and flowers!

A piece of heaven

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After a long an terrible night of barely no sleep I decided to put on my shoes, plug some music in the ears and go for a walk in the lovely weather.
Todays weather report from Enschede: 25°C, soft breezes and not a single cloud as far as the eye can reach.
Through the Volkspark to the city center to buy some fresh fruit and lunch.
So, almost a kilo cherries and a roastbeef salad (with brie, grapes and port sauce!) richer I went back home. (Who said living on microwave noodles was necessary as a student, heh!?)
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