Doing a happydance

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Oh dear, what a day! I finally got my keys back, after been gathering some dust at my parents place in Sweden. So today I took my beloved bike from 1970 out for a loooong round.
It has been an interesting day in school as well. Who knew the preparation classes would prepare this good? (What a shocker!) Lunching, some spontaneous shopping and walking in the city center.


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I know I'm terrible at updating my blog, especially since my keys still are on their own lil adventure and I can't really make any interesting pictures inside the apartment. Today I had the chance of sneaking out for a moment to shoot some flowers. Too bad the weather was cloudy and windy.

Kärlekens barn

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One of my friends had her son babtized a few months ago. Another one of my friends had the privilege of singing. I, on the other hand, was just trying out my best to film with my fancy camera. Too bad most of the focus is actually behind and not actually on her. Even if the focus is bad her amazing voice makes it still worth watching, over and over again!
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