Spoiled old people

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So, when working night shifts we got some mandatory tasts to do every night. One of them is to make the old people their sandwiches. I discovered they have their own little greenhouse outside on the terrace where they grow lettuce and radishes. So, why not abuse the privilege of home grown veggies on their sandwiches? The cucumber was laying all alone and sad in the fridge, so it had to join the rest of the veggies!
But now really, dont you guys think it looks a hundered times more appetizing when you get some color on your food? Well, I think so! I'd rather go for one of these pretty sandwiches instead of some sweaty one with just a slice of cheese or ham!


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So, people might ask what I've been up to all summer and I can sure tell you that it has not been a lot. I have been working, working, working and sleeping. And I went to Luxembourg a week to see my hubby! I got no pictures from Luxembourg, but some till and from my destination. The bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen after takeoff from Kastrup Airport and the sun setting on my way back home from Kastrup Airport, spotted somewhere on the way between Malmö and Hässleholm from the train.

Birthday girl!

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So, it was finally my birthday and I could do my cake! Normal sponge cake filled with white chocolate mousse and lemon curd mousse, decorated with normal and chocolate covered strawberries, dark chocolate swirls (was supposed to look like flowers, but HAH, I sucked at that shiet, yo!) and kitkats. It was sweet, it was huge, but best of all, it was AMAZING!
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