Carpe Diem

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Even in the darkest nights there's always a light. This night is dark for me, both outside and inside. With abit fantasy and some good friends everything will be alright. I'm lucky to have both :) Candles, popcorn, a good movie and a cuddle bear was what i needed. While watching Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the Opera" am i thinking of whatever pops up in my head, since i already have seen the movie a billion times it doesnt matter if i miss 2 mins sometimes.

It's soon a new year, 2010. What will happen then? Which changes will happen? Will i fulfill my dream? So many questions, but no answers, yet! The end of 2009 was great, i made school (almost) great, just some misses on some sides. Christmas was great, i saw my baby cousin (which isnt born yet) for the first time on christmas eve, looked a bit like a monkey with a huge nose but a cute smile. I also met my other cousins after christmas, but i still dont know why all children fear me. I'm not that mean actually, i just like to mess abit, haha.
And to celebrate the new year, i guess i'll be at Jacob's place. I love spending my time with his family, even if it dont happen that often anymore.

Well, there is nothing more to write about. It really feels like i'm going to fill this blog with more trash and shit, and my updates are lame. But i guess, it's a period, one there i dont feel like writing and update.
So have a great day until i write again! :)

lot's of love ,
- Me -
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