Pointless !

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Hm, what to say? My weekend has been really good :)
Friday first with just 1 hour in school and then sushi ( but we ate wook :o ) and angel and demons with Elina , her christmas present from me ^^  woho , finally she got it =)    thb, im in love with that movie !! It's a thriller , i know , but i cried through the whole movie ! Crap , me and my tears ^^
Well, saturday was it party x2 , confirmation both of them, first at Nanny's place, then away to Broby to be at Frida's place ! :) Well, it was fun to see oscar again , not seen him since December / January i think :o
And naow to sunday , headache, dizzy, puking .. yeah, that shit . not so good though ^^

and i dont really have time to write, got my ass full of books, but just 4 more days, then everything is over ! :) 4 more days until our grades are there ! and just 11 days more to vacation , omg it is so unbelievable ! :)

so , cya soon :>

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