Don't let me down

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Good evening !

It's thursday evening and i'm siting in my couch and enjoying it, a blanket around me and a cup of green tea in one hand, yummy! Listening to Leona Lewis in fact, for once, which i can find is pretty relaxing. Now there is just a warm bath with candles and a glass of chocolate milk which is missing!
The day started with writing a national exam in English B, an essay that took about 100 minutes to do. I thought it went really great, let us hope my teacher agree with me!

For every day that pass i feel that i will be closer to my goal, to succeed in life! What i want to achieve now is to cope with my studies, to graduate with my classmates. I have never been so unsure about how to proceed, what to choose, what is right and what is wrong.
However, i know that i have wonderful friends who will always be here for me, although i will ruin everything, i have a family that is wonderful, even though they are like a fucking pain in the ass often! But i mean, what is a family if you shouldn't be messing with them now and then?
I also have a wonderful boyfriend who makes me incredibly motivated, which makes me want to look forward and think positively. With him, I am happy!

Anyhow or another, it's getting late and there's probably a good movie on tv tonight! (It use to be good movies on thursdays!)
So have a nice night, and a great time until i write again! :)

posting a pic of mah favorite annie, which has the coolest headset ever!
thanks for making my day better :)

Lots of love ,
- Me -
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