Curling with bacon...

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...or something like that.
Once again im here, enjoying this really nice vacation in front of a computer, hilarious! Anyhow, i shouldnt complain at all actually.. The two first days were the weather only crap, everyone was complaining because there was no sun, and when the sun actually showed his face on the sky, everyone was complaining that the temperature was 30 degrees or more. "Too hot!" Omg! :D
Every day (read almost) is enjoying with a drink to breakfast, lunch and dinner (and ofc alot of them between every meal, ask jacob!), haha. And after an intense day at a market, my feet are all blown up and my back is totally burned (that's the bacon from the toppic, haha!). There's actually a really cute mark from my rosette from the bikini too. White and red, yay, we love danmark!
But well, a skiing vacation wouldnt have been bad at all, i rather prefer them than the sun. (even if the drinks are really nice here! but that's most probably because of the cute gay bartender!)
But well, it's another day tomorrow, a day full of new adventures. And on tomorrows schedule there's sushi and jumping parachute with Emma! Awesome! :)
Atm my life feels really great, almost as great that i've frorgot about my mess in school. But well, it's vacation, time to forget about everything. Time to cheer up!
I will post some few pics from the vacation when im back home to the north pool again! :)
Have a nice evening!

Lots of love
- Me -
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