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As I mentioned in my previous post something did go terrible wrong when trying to upload a post. My laptop is living its own life and does whatever it wants, whenever it wants. One way or another, here we go.


The 4th of August, 2004, did a buch of puppies come to the world. One of them was our Smulan, later known as Pippi. She grew fast and learned quick and was soon the star in our family. She really proved to us why the dog is a mans best friend. She practiced agility, hunting and retrieving. She's a mother of five. Once you got to know her you'd discover she's the friendliest dog on the planet. She always wanted to be close, preferbly sit in your lap if the chance was given.


A few summers ago she suffered through a nasty lyme disease. I can still hear the echoes of her yelling of pain in the back of my head. Pippi went through a large mouth surgery last year due to half of her teeth were rotten. Today she can barely chew her food, which leads to her swallowing large pieces and then throwing it up again. It's impossible to not feel her ribs and spine when petting her. A couple of months ago she got a nasty eye infection (that's at least what we thought), but it turned out to be allergies. Her eyes are tired, red and gooey and the flesh around them is swollen.


Some days ago we discovered a large lump on her chest. Today my dad brought her to the veterinary to have her checked. It was as we suspected, melanoma. As the cherry on the cake the veterinary also discovered that a lot of vessels in her lymphatic system were swollen and that her liver had an unordinary large size.

There are treatments for this kind of diseases, but they cost a lot of money and barely no success with the final result.


As I mentioned before, she proved us all why the dog is a mans best friend. I cross my fingers she'll stay strong for a little bit longer. A life without my Pippi is no life at all.

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