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Hey! It's been quite a while since I made a post with proper text. I've had way too much stuff on my mind lately and couldn't really be bothered to blog. So what have I been up to lately? I was a little ill last week, a little feverish and stuff. Apart from that I'm about to finish my third semester at university. It's a little hard to understand that I've completed half of my education already, it feels like it was just a month ago I was running around like a headless and confused chicken at campus. At the moment am I doing my psychiatric internship at a mental facility, specialized for people with addictions. So basically what we do is detoxing people and making sure their abstinence ain't too hard to deal with. It's a really interesting work and I love it there. Friendly coworkers and a great atmosphere. I'll be done there two weeks after new years, and then I'll have two more sets of internships before I'll have my last assignment in school and then finish my 4th semester (I still can't believe it!!).
I'm still working out regularly, but not as frequently as before. Mainly because of lack of time and a little motivation loss. Hopefully I'll find some time around Christmas when I'm at home, working. I'm really busy with surviving the massive mountain (alright, you get the point...) to my hospital facility. I had no idea how tough that one was until first day of my internship. I woke up a little earlier just to get real fresh and put makeup on and all that crap. When I arrived there 30 mins later, it looked just like I was done with 30 mins cardio. I'm terrible, I have no excuse!
One way or another, I should continue cleaning up the apartment. I forgot I bought a brocoli last week, so when I came back yesterday from my parents place and opened the fridge I got a very unpleasant surprise. Brocoli does NOT smell good when it is semi rotten. EWWW! Anyway, a few more stuff need to get fixed by tomorrow, so I better get going.
I wish I could be as much of a slacker as Zimba is. My cute and adorable prince!
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